Entry & Enrollment

Generally, a new course begins every two weeks.  Students must be at least 18 years of age and possess a valid Michigan driver license.  We strongly suggest that a prospective student with a criminal record or a history of driving violations check with the Secretary of State to be sure he/she can obtain a CDL.  Students must also obtain a DOT Medical Certification and have a confirmed negative result on the pre-employment drug screen.  The cost of these 2 items is included in tuition and can be arranged by Pinnacle.

Schneider and SS

The enrollment process begins by contacting the Pinnacle office.  We will discuss the student’s career goals and training needs so we can advise the student as to the appropriate course in which to enroll.  We will then agree on a date to begin training and how the student will pay for the training.  Each student will sign a contract appropriate for their training and receive the information necessary to schedule the DOT physical and drug screen.

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